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* Wagner, M.: Elastic image registration in presence of polyconvex constraints.
Status: accepted (Proceedings of the International Workshop on Optimal Control in Image Processing, Heidelberg, Germany, May 31 - June 1, 2010)
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* Wagner, M.: Geometrical properties of polyconvex polytopes.
J. Nonlinear and Convex Anal. 21 (2020), 683 -- 702
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* Wagner, M.; Reinke, S.; Hänsel, R.; Klapper, W.; Braumann, U.-D.: An image dataset related to automated macrophage detection in immunostained lymphoma tissue samples.
GigaScience 9 (2020) : giaa016
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* Wagner, M.; Hänsel, R.; Reinke, S.; Richter, J.; Altenbuchinger, M., Braumann, U.-D.; Spang, R.; Löffler, M.; Klapper, W.: Automated macrophage counting in DLBCL tissue samples: a ROF filter based approach.
Biological Procedures Online 21 (2019) : 13
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